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About us

To render the highest possible quality of knowledgeable management services, transactional services and responsive administrative services we should consider three things which appear to be essential ingredients of all effective commercial thinking: an emotional appeal, a determine goal and a ground for action. CrestCord certainly believes the above statement best summarizes its actions and provides useful information about its future.

CrestCord managers and officers have had the opportunity to work in some Latin American and European countries as an external advisor. The ability to interact with a group of people that comes from a different cultural, commercial and political background have definitely redefined our way of thinking. We have learned, first-hand, the key factors of understanding and prioritizing, under very strong pressure, the legal and business aspects of a project when planning strategy to maximize profits.

Many are questioning legal and financial institutions, discouraged by the present economic crisis; however, in the pursuit of growth and development, law and economy are instruments that must be used to redefine those institutions more than ever. The main issue is how to achieve corporate order and business growth and development while submitting entrepreneurs to certain rules of conduct.

Common markets along with international agreements and regulations have provided new opportunities for professional growth. Negotiating cross-border transactions compels CrestCord clients to think about existing market relations and legal obstacles facing foreign companies. It is not an easy task to anticipate factors that may impact the success of a project in Latin America; but we challenge ourselves to be forward thinker, and design and implement strategies that cause positive changes in diverse international settings.

CrestCord is well positioned to:

(i) attract a substantial amount of value added fiduciary business through its network of clients and intermediaries; and
(ii) provide sufficient organizational support to realize this business and to ensure operational continuity for the company and our clients.